Further findings from the Algerian, Salah carbon capture project:

- The driver for the project is that their wells produce NG which is 7% CO2. EU legislation dictates a 2% level. Therefore rather than venting the CO2 into the atmosphere which is standard practise, they are sequestering it.
- They are successfully sequestering 800,000 tons of carbon dioxide 1.2 miles below the ground. This is evidently the largest project of its type to date.
- The CO2 captured is the equivalent of removing 200,000 cars from the road.
- The longevity of the storage solution has been explored. The argument is that the thick layer of Shale which has trapped the Natural gas will also hold the CO2.
- Some interesting financial figures. The CCS operation which cost 100 million was 2.5% of the 4$ billion cost of the production plant. Which provides us with a 14$/ton figure for CCS.
- A proposal that BP, Sonatrach and Statoil could claim carbon credits on the stored CO2 was rejected by the international climate negotiators meeting in Poland in Dec 08. Some expect this view to change at the next meeting in Copenhagen in 12 months.