Monday saw MEPs on the EU Parliament's regional development committee voting to open up the European Regional Development Fund to clean energy projects in all Member States.

The UK was alocated the following:

Eco-innovation in SMEs: £251,337,026
Railways: £56,195,091
Renewable energy: £126,144,149
Energy efficiency, co-generation, energy management: £130,506,717
Waste management: £18,657,976
Promotion of biodiversity and nature protection: £26,792,970
Promotion of clean urban transport: £87,685,008
Integrated projects for urban and rural regeneration: £390,827,051
Other: £386,336,097
Total: £1,474,482,090

I know now appears to be a bad time to complain, but why did the UK only get 1.5% of the 96 Billion??