I'm fed up of junk mail, and junk mailers.

I have previously added our home address to the Mailing Preference Service (), the standard for direct mail.

Today, I learnt that there are also two other lists that one can register with to cut down the junk mail further:

A useful guide is available here:

An interesting statistic though is that only 0.5% of UK households are registered with the Royal Mail scheme, and only 15% with the MPS. I can't believe that remainder of UK households do actively want to receive junk mail, so I think it's time for a bit of consumer activism. Instead of relying on 40 million people in the UK having to register to stop receiving junk, I believe a faster way to stop junk mail is to make it an unattractive option to the companies who choose to use it.

One way to do this is to ensure that they receive negative publicity in return for their cynical, selfish and environmentally-damaging behaviour. So, I'm proposing a name and shame list of examples of junk mail. I'm going to start one off, and I hope that you'll join me in growing the list.

It's not possible to upload images to LowCarbonEconomy.com using this forum, so I'd like to offer to host any scanned examples of junk mail that you want to send in: just email me at divydovy[at]gmail[dot]com and I'll add your examples to the list.

Here are my first two:

Not only did AmEx send me addressed junk mail (ignoring my registration with the MPS), but they sent me a mock credit card and a whole bunch of terms and conditions documentation. What a complete waste of paper, plastic, energy and time - shame on you American Express:

British Gas - I already have your Homecare in place! Why are you sending me this flyer for that same service? As an energy company releasing tonnes and tonnes of carbon dioxide, I'd hoped you would be watertight in the rest of your corporate activities!

Please send me your examples of junk mail and let's embarrass these junk mailers into reducing the amount of waste they are creating.