Following the proposed erection of 3 wind turbines in North Hertfordshire, there has been strong objection from local residents.

Objections from local residents, following proposals of wind farms is a regular occurence from the various news articles that i have researched.

There are many reasons for these objections.
A lack of knowledge on the technologies being used for these developments.
A lack of understanding to the current situation we find ourselves in regards to fossil fuels and their dwinderling availability.
Do local residients feel they are not benefiting from such developments with all power generated going straight back to the grid?

How can these common objections be overcome for future developments?
Should local residents recieve benefits if they are situated in close proximity to wind farms?
How can further understanding be achieved as to the current state of the environment along with alarming predictions for the future?

I am interested to hear other peoples views on the matter.