The UK government has set the target of sourcing 15% of its energy from renewable resources by 2020.

Currently the UK source under 2% of its energy and just under 5% its electricity needs from renewable resources.
This is a huge target and one that will need immediate action and committment if we are to reach our goals.
As outlined in the article below,

A massive expansion of renewable electricity is needed to source these targets with the majority of this likly to come from large scale projects.
However small scale renewable technologies on doestic properties and small to large commercial sector properties could generate substantial amounts to these targets.
Some estimates suggest this could generate 30-40% of the UK's total electricity demands by 2050.

With the UK's feed in tariff set to come into force in April 2010 this can only increase the uptake of renewable technologies in these sectors.

I believe that the feed in tariff is going to make renewabl technologies a more accessible and attractive prospect to the doestic and commercial sectors.
Which is something that is desperatley needed if we are to hit the 15% target the UK government has set.