Major railway stations could become Cycling Hubs to increase the number of rail pssengers that use bicycles as a means of transport to and from train stations.

It is estimated that only 2% of total rail users travel to and from stations using a bicycle compared to the Netherlands where it is estimated cycling to and from stations accounts for a third of all journeys.

The transport secretary has this week launched a £5million drive to create 10 Cycling Hubs that will provide improved facilities such as more bike racks and repair shops to boost the appeal of cycling as a means of transport to stations.

A similar scheme saw a dramatic boost in the number of passengers that cycled to stations in the Netherlands and it is hoped that this will have a similar affect here.

I myself use the train on a regular basis to and from work, but currently do not use my bicycle to get to and from the station. The main deterrent why I do not currently cycle is safety.
The bike racks at my local station are not an appealing site, with many bike parts stolen with the bike shed itself vandalised. It is a very basic shed with a couple of poles to attach your bike to, this then has a roof covering part of the poles.

If there was a designated cycling hub, or a cycling rack to store bicycles securely then I would be much more inclined to travel to the station on my bicycle.

What are the reasons why many rail commuters do not currently cycle to and from rail stations?
Are there other measures that could be implemented that would make cycling a much more appealing form of transport to and from stations?