I am not against wind generators or wind farms in the right places. But as the Government is spending so much on them surly it would be good sense to also spend a relatively small amount less than 0.1% on removing some of the waste of energy that already exists. The EU Ecovacuum project conclusion was that vacuum cleaners waste 75 % of the electricity that they consume.
A solution does exist in the form of Air Recycling Technology.
Which could actually save each year in the UK, an amount of energy equal to that generated by 800 Medium sized wind generators? That is 1.5 TWh of electricity 0.5 of a TWh more than their investment in wind generators is trying to provide.

To clarify this 1.5 TWh is worth £225,000,000 at 15p a unit and 650,000 Tonnes of CO2, Emissions. And a saving of more than 25 Twh of electricity annually is possible in the EU. Equal to £3.25 billion pounds and 13.5 million tonnes of CO2.Emissions.

In 2005 part of a £100,000 DTI grant was spent on tests that proved the viability of this system and that it could perform better on 250 Wh than a 1,400 Watt vacuum cleaner.

But now four years have gone by and nothing more has been done. And yet this project would provide jobs and a product with a World wide market
Surely a fair hearing is not too much to ask for.