SMD5050 RGB LED Strip Light 60LED/M

Hanron Lighting Co. Limited’s SMD5050 RGB LED Flexible Strip Light, 60LED/Meter, waterproof &non-waterproof, 14.4W/M, high brightness, 30,000hrs lifetime.

1.TOP SMD5050 RGB chip, high brightness, wide beam angle, low decay.
2.Easy to install for any bending
3.Low power consumption, long life span, free maintenance
4.Working temperature: -40℃ - 50℃
5.Storage temperature:-50℃ - 60℃
6.Certification: CE & RoHs


1.Cove lighting
2.Architectural lights for canopy, corridor, window, archway
3.Backlight or edge lighting for signage
4.DIY lights for home use
5.Path and contour marking
6.Decorative lights for holiday, event, show, exhibition
7.Special light effect for art gallery and glass-made items

Item No.: HR00-ACRGB6012A
LED Type: SMD5050
Voltage: DC12V&DC24V
Power: 14.4W/28.8W
Color: RGB
Beam Angle: 120deg
Protect Level: IP20/IP65/IP67/IP68
Color of FPC: White/Black/Yellow

1.Connect red cable to positive, black cable to negative; equip safe protector to cable outlet, confirm input voltage of is 12V before power supply concatenation, working voltage is 12V, Wrong voltage concatenation will cause permanent damage.
2.Max length for concatenation is 5M for one circuit. Make another circuit if length is over 5M. Same cable length for every circuit.
3.Ensure cable outlet of strip to be waterproof
4.Prohibit touching and operating with static.
5.Please use qualified SMPS with short circuit protection、overload protection and S.O.P. certificate.
6.Diameter of electrical cable depends on actual max output current、product power、cabling length (less 5M)and low voltage transmission cable.
7.Don’t hit、squeeze strip, don’t bend strip overly
8.Ensure installed surface tidy, clean and dry.
9.Avoid rain and mechanical vibration.
10.Place SMPS in ventilated and dry environment.
11.Usually only80-90% of SMPS total power is consumed