PeopleProfitPlanet was founded by Adam Woodhall in 2006 to answer what seemed a significant challenge in today’s business world: how organisations become more environmental whilst staying profitable?

The answer is that:

* This is a lot easier than many think, IF you have the buy-in of your staff and management.
* Your people are the vital factor for increasing profitability and greening your organisation.
* Profitable green business practice can be achieved by taking the best techniques of training, facilitation, team building, coaching and people development and adapting them to environmental behaviour change.

The success of PeopleProfitPlanet stems fromthe fact that we are passionate about the wellbeing of the planet, understand the importance of profit to every organisation and love working with people.

“Today's business landscape is undergoing an environmental sea change on a global scale. By creating an environment where your staff can give their best our service develops your business, your people and your green credibility. Therefore the PeopleProfitPlanet process is good business practice as well as being good for the environment.”

Adam Woodhall, Founder, PeopleProfitPlanet