What have you learned today ? A fantastic question I think. And as a thinker, new ideas simply come naturally. What's most important to you right now ? As a reader at LCE, it's probably an opportunity, a passion or both. When it comes to Climate Change, I think like the insurance companies. There's something going on because it's costing a lot more than it used to. You've probably noticed this in your premiums. I know I have.

How can we meet the demands of climate change, developing economies, business and greenies ? I suggest it's Foreign Exchange or FOREX.

So developing economies demand it, business demands it and greenies demand it. The consequences of it, is creating a catalyst for growing our civilisation and in the way we choose to do that.

You probably know that you have to expend some energy reaching the tipping point and achieving success. For business, achieving success means maintaining margins as we grow and maintaining energy as new possibilities appear.

I'm proposing a new alternative. As a measure of economic trading activity, FOREX can approximate energy usage.

So what is 'it' ? Cheap energy. Investing in energy based on FOREX instead of traditional business investing based on efficiencies, means cheap energy now and economically maintainable energy later.

A bit coinfused that's OK. Imagine you've bought your favourite Cornetto ice cream (mine's choc Mint). Traditionally you bite from the top and munch to the bottom. How much more satisfying would it be for you, if you started at the bottom and finished at the top ! Yummm!!!

The desired outcome here is getting the top 2 specialists in their field to assist developing a scenario modelling tool for GREG. The Global Reusable Energy Grid. As a thinker you can bring your expertise and new ideas as a catalyst for change based on FOREX based energy investment.

Send an Email stating why your in the top 2 and I'll send you a copy of the 'Introducing GREG' powerpoint and the latest version of the Scenario Modelling Tool based on Excel. Please also visit www.geni.org and give Peter Meisen a call on +1.619.595.0139

Kindest regards, Phil Wayne
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