Zoshani Foresting is a vehicle for mobilizing communities to embrace bamboo growing. The bamboo grass provides enormous opportunities for the base of the pyramid population of Uganda. Our journey is to refocus the population to change from environmentally disastrous activities such as deforestation, charcoal burning, as we illuminate the alternative sources of energy and incomes.
We are mobilizing communities into bamboo growing cooperatives. Initially to establish bamboo nurseries. We will then equip them with bamboo crop husbandry skills. As the bamboo harvests increase we envisage equipping communities of youth and women with skills to harness the energy, architectural and handcraft prowess of the bamboo.
We believe by popularizing bamboo growing in Uganda and the greater East Africa region, we will significantly reduce the pressure on the declining natural forest resources in Uganda and the region while significantly contributing to improving household incomes.
We envisage bring nearly 10000 hectares of land under bamboo in the next five years which will amount to 1.4 billion US D new incomes to the population in the region.