The Airstream Train System is a new method of Transportation designed to replace all existing Systems.
It is a faster, safer, cleaner and cheaper solution for city, country and continental transportation with little variations in design and speed from a low speed city environment to a high speed continental transportation system.
In a changing world where High Speed Rail is open Government policy this Solution can save the People £ Billion's while providing them with a superior Transportation System which not only is the fastest but at the same time provides infrastructure housing through the inside of the track.
The Airstream Train flies around the Track using cutting edge aviation technology. The Track is a hollow eliptical tube that provides a space for Internet, electricity, telephone, tv and even water to be supplied through it.
It is easy to maintain and upgrade.
It is a silent Transportation System that is faster than an airplane while producing water as the only exhaust.


Business Details

The Airstream Train System is designed to streamline all existing Transportation into one smooth System.
The main markets for the Airstream Train are that of High speed Rail since it is a HSR System and offers better value for money than others.
The already allocated Investment funds are exceeding £500 Billion with China leading and the UK contributing with £55 Billion.
Since the Airstream Train System offers more value for less money this is an opportunity of great magnitude.
The main markets are UK, Europe, China, Russia, America as well as India and other countries that are waiting to see the development of High Speed Rail infrastructure as current HSR Systems are too expensive and offer too little advancement for too much investment.
Hesitating countries can be convinced into adopting this System and new markets will open such as Africa and South America.
We can create Jobs and supply Transportation and Infrastructure all over the world.
The Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research says we need to cut CO2 emissions by 90% by 2050 – better by 2030. This can be done with this solution and no other by 2020.
An Airstream Train System high speed rail network has the potential to generate massive benefits and revenues.
It would directly deliver thousands of jobs constructing and operating new lines.
Internet services at much higher speeds then currently would be reaily available at lower costs.
This would allow real time teaching videophone and many other services that are currently suffering fromlow speed connections.