YSI was founded over 50 years ago and is dedicated to an ecologically sustainable world by providing sensor technology through both its environmental monitoring and life sciences products. YSI is therefore very proud to work with biofuel researchers, such as the US National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) YSI in the UK has been involved in providing biochemistry platforms for ethanol, xylose and glucose analysis to UK biofuel research and production companies and looks forward to working with many more as biofuel production develops further.

YSI scientists have been researching into cellulosic ethanol production, that is, using the wasted part of the crop only. Pretreated cellulosic materials release a number of fermentable sugars – xylose and glucose typically make up the majority of these sugars. Unlike corn grain bioethanol production that involves the conversion of starch to ethanol, cellulosic biomass, such as agricultural residues, have the potential to be significantly more economical in producing fuel grade ethanol, leaving the main crop for food production.
The YSI xylose membrane was introduced in 2008, for use on the YSI 2700 and 7100 platforms and recently on the newly launched 2900 Series. Configured with glucose on the opposite electrode, users were able to take advantage of a rapid one-minute simultaneous measurement of xylose and glucose . The US NREL found this compared favourably with the HPLC method where results were taking 40 minutes or more for each sample. Then in 2010 YSI further developed and improved the xylose membrane, which now gives a greater measurement range 0-50 g/l, improved low level detection and precision of <2% with improved linearity now +10% or +0.5 g/l. There is now minimal or no sample preparation and no need to dilute the sample.
YSI’s most recent membrane released in January 2011 is the Extended Range Ethanol (ERE) which allows the user to analyse higher ethanol concentrations (up to 40 g/l) in seconds and without dilution.
YSI has also formed a successful relationship with renewable jet fuel researchers, and in June 2012 a South American Azul jet was seen flying over the Rio+20 Un.N. Conference for Sustainable Development, powered entirely from Amyris AMJ 700 renewable jet fuel - the maiden flight for the fuel.
YSI (UK) welcomes all enquiries about its biofuel applications and ethanol, xylose, glucose and glycerol membranes. Application Notes are also available upon request.

YSI (UK) is also the Technical Support Centre for Europe and operates through a range of dealers globally.