Yorkshire Ambulance Service is an NHS emergency service located in the county of Yorkshire, UK. We respond to emergency calls across the 6,000 sq mile region and give emergency care to over 10 million people. We have a fleet of over 1500 vehicles and are committed to reducing our carbon footprint through a wide variety of different measures - we are trialling methanol fuel cells, KERS systems and aerodynamic assessments as well as implementing eco driver training, carbon champions, energy reduction measures and lighting upgrades, installing dyson hand driers, recycling facilities, liftsharing, public transport networks, greener health care and having a constant awareness scheme internally. We are leading the industry in innovative technologies and ensuring that carbon emissions are cut within the emergency services. We are committed to slashing our carbon emissions by 30% by 2015, a full 20% above the requirements of the 10% required by all of the NHS.