A zero emission vehicle manufacturer based in the South West. We currently stock our own brand line of electric Scooters, battery assisted bicycles and electric skateboards. Our products are also currently being sold through the new Best Buy chain of stores as well as being on show at Costco. The most inclusive and friendly eco-friendly vehicle company in the UK.

In today’s society we are constantly reminded that our use of transport is an unsustainable and ever increasing drain on our environment as well as our budget. At Xero we offer a range of zero emission electric vehicles as an affordable, environmentally friendly means of transport.

Our range of electric bikes, scooters and mopeds are the ideal choice when considering alternatives to conventional modes of transport, especially in an urban environment where the daily commute to work puts extra pressure on the environment. The vehicles we offer are the choice for today's urban lifestyle, offering a product that is of high quality, economical and eco-friendly.