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Wuxi Quanbang Energy Technology Co.,Ltd

Air To Air Heat Pipe Heat Exchanger

General Information
Heat pipe structure
A. composed by a shell and the working fluid,shell is evacuated and the working fluid is sealed in the shell.
B. The heat pipe is divided into the evaporator section (Heated) and condenser section (cooled).

Air To Air Heat Pipe Heat Exchanger

Heat transfer principle
Heat pipe heat exchanger consists of six consecutive process:
A. Endothermic--the working fluid is heated by exhaust gas in the evaporator section。
B. Evaporation—The working fluid evaporates. (in the shell , vacuum, Low evaporation temperature)
C. Gaseous working fluid conveyor---The working fluid flow to condenser section with the waste heat.
D. Condensing--Gaseous working fluid is condensed when it exposes to low temperature shell wall.
E. Exothermic-- The working fluid releases a lot of heat when it is condensed and
the heat is taken away by the cold fluid.
F. The working fluid reflux-- after condensed, the working fluid is back to the evaporator section by gravity or capillary pumping forces.

Air To Air Heat Pipe Heat Exchanger

The six consecutive process carried out consecutively, and the heat is continuous to transfer.
Mechanical seal
A. seal by thread lock.
Air To Air Heat Pipe Heat Exchanger
B. seal by O-ring.
Air To Air Heat Pipe Heat Exchanger
Air To Air Heat Pipe Heat Exchanger

Field of Application
-feed drying
-cereals and oil processing
-chemical industry
-air cooling after combustion process

-high heat recovery efficiency
-seldom temperature difference, fast heat starting, good isothermal
-the speciality of the heat pipe results in a high wall temperature, exhaust gas temperature can be reduced without reaching the acid dew point, avoid the corrosion of the equipment.
-exhaust gas will not pollute air

Core tube material: copper, stainless steel, carbon steel
Fin material: aluminum, stainless steel
Tube/fin bond: extruded, high-frequency welding
Tube arrangement: staggered
Core tube external diameter: φ25
Core tube wall thickness: 2-3mm
Fin thickness: 0.4mm
Fin spacing: 3mm
Temperature range: 20~150℃

Order Information
P/N Description: HP-XYZ-N
Note: X should be replaced into S, C or CO
Y should be replaced into S or A
Z should be replaced into ET, W
N means the power needed

S-stainless steel
C-carbon steel
W- high frequency welding

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