Sewage treatment plants, non-electric and eco electric supplied worldwide.
WTE Ltd. specialises in sustainable sewage treatment systems for off-grid and eco homes and businesses.. Our expertise during the last 25 years has made us a market leader in the field of eco-friendly, low carbon emission sewage treatment.
The non-electric sewage treatment plants reduce the carbon emissions of a single house by around 0.5 tonnes per year.
Why choose WTE Ltd.?
INDEPENDENT advice on all aspects of domestic and commercial sewerage and drainage.
25 years in the wastewater industry.
All makes of package treatment plant and septic tanks designed, supplied and installed.
Free drainage and tank reports, wastewater surveys and design throughout the UK.
All installation, repairs and servicing work guaranteed. Fully backed by our insurance.
Unrivalled technical and practical support for your project
We design and supply sewage plant systems up to any size, for any site, even pre- assembled treatment units in containers for the Middle East and Africa.
WTE designs and supplies a full range of water filtration equipment that can convert any water supply to potable water, anywhere in the world.
We pride ourselves on great customer service - we have 25 years of experience on domestic house and commercial sites and are open Monday to Friday, 7.30am. till 5.00pm, for all your package sewage treatment plant and septic tank enquiries

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