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World Heat Ltd

Solar PV design and installation service

World Heat designs and installs solar PV systems. We are also able to install loft insulation if required. Please talk to us to discuss your requirements for a solar PV system. There is also a case study of an installed solar PV system on a 4 bedroom detatched property available to download.

Solar electricity is generated by what we call solar photovoltaic (PV) panels. They harness sunlight and the sun's radiation, so they do not have to be in direct sunlight to generate electricity. A solar PV array is made up of numerous PV panels – the more panels installed, the greater the electrical power generated. The panels are made from multiple thin layers of silicone, and when light hits these layers they generate DC electricity.

This DC electricity is then converted in AC electricity (the same as what we get into our homes) which can be used for lighting, cooking, heating or even exported back to the grid to be used by your neighbours. This conversion is carried out by an inverter usually mounted in the loft space but can be positioned anywhere within a reasonable distance from the array.

– Installing solar PV will reduce your electricity bills dramatically, and if energy prices continue to increase as they are expected to over the coming years, the financial benefits will increase with them.

– As a massive incentive to increase the uptake of renewable electricity to help cut carbon dioxide emissions, the government introduced the Feed-in Tariff (FIT) in April 2010. This means that for every unit of electricity a PV system generates you will get paid 41.3p. This is guaranteed for 25 years whether you use that energy in your home or not, and this figure will increase with inflation. If you do not use it and export it to the grid you will get paid an additional 3p per unit. The introduction of this tariff means that a PV system will pay for itself within 10 years and for the remainder of its expected 30 year lifespan will be generating you an income. All this means that there never has been—and never will be—a better time to install a PV system as the 41.3p tariff will be gradually lowered starting from 2013 as PV becomes more of a mainstream home improvement product.

– Installing PV is a massive step in helping the environment by reducing your carbon dioxide emissions and as well as helping the UK achieve its target of 60% carbon dioxide reductions by 2050 and its renewable obligation of providing 15% of its energy from renewable sources by 2015.

ho pays the FIT? – The energy suppliers pay the Feed-in Tariff to those who generate the clean electricity. When you apply for the Feed-in Tariff, you should ask your energy supplier how and when payments will be made. Payments must be made at least quarterly.

– The money to pay the producers of green energy comes from a small levy on every UK energy consumer. So we are all contributing in our current energy bills to pay the people who are adopting this technology.

o I need planning permission? – Solar roof systems fall under permitted development rights as they do not protrude more than 20cm above a roof so you do not need planning permission. Although if you live in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty or in a listed building, you should contact your local council for advice.

– If you get a solar PV system installed and start claiming the Feed-in Tariff you will have lower bills and a steady income from the Feed-in Tariff payments. These benefits can be transferred to the new home owner and so when you come to sell your home you can charge more for it.

– To claim the Feed-in Tariff, both the PV equipment and the installer must be Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) approved. MCS consists of assessments that all equipment and installation companies must pass on an annual basis to be able to display the MCS logo and offer the available tariffs.

The scheme ensures that all systems installed by MCS accredited companies are consistently to the highest standard possible. Both World Heat Ltd and the equipment supplier we use are certified under the MCS scheme for PV, air source heat pumps and solar thermal systems.

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