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Air source heat pump installation

They can be connected to either under floor heating systems or radiators Heat the whole home and provide all of your hot water requirements Small, quiet and compact, we can also provide them in may different colours to blend into any background Clean, neat, inconspicuous installation.  We spend time getting the systems we install looking and working perfectly, so our customers reep all of the rewards the system has to offer. There are too many poor heat pump installations occuring in the field at the moment proven by a recent Energy Saving Trust survey, this is un-justly harming the name of heat pumps.  We make sure we install properly to help the future image of heat pump technology.
World Heat designs and installs air source heat pumps. Please continue reading for more information about what an air source heat pump is, and how one would work in your home. There is also a case study of a 4 bedroom property with an air source heat pump installed available to download. Contact us if you would like World Heat to design and install an air source heat pump for you.

All heat pumps do is transfer heat energy from one place to another. They can take heat energy from the outside air at temperatures as low as -20°C and supply that same energy they've absorbed at a higher usable temperature for your heating and hot water.

It's the same principle as your refrigerator, you put your warm food in and it absorbs the heat to freeze it, it then transfers this heat to the grille at the back. This is why the back of the fridge is always warm

Although in the UK we are only just starting to appreciate the benefits that a heat pump can bring, it is not new technology and this is proven by their widespread use across Europe for many years. In Sweden alone, a country renowned for its environmental policies 98% of new build homes have a heat pump.

Because they take solar heat from the outside air they are highly efficient, they require an electrical power supply to operate and absorb on average 3.5 times more energy from the air than what you put in, that's 350%. If you compare that to the best gas boilers on the market which are at most 97% and oil boilers at 80% you can see why they are becoming the most preferred method of heating our homes in the UK.

As the solar heat in which they absorb is free and readily available you can start to see why heat pumps can offer large financial and carbon reducing benefits to their users.

An air source heat pump fits into your home in the same way as a conventional boiler except it mounts externally rather than taking up room in your kitchen or garage.

Again like a conventional boiler, to provide space heating a heat pump will circulate hot water through your radiators or under floor heating system. The only difference is they provide a safer and more comfortable radiator temperature.

Combining a lower flow temperature with their built in "smart" controls means they will maintain your living space temperature accurately, this not only means you get the most efficient, cost effective system possible but prevents your house from getting too hot and prevents you from constantly adjusting the thermostat.

To provide your hot water for showers, baths and sinks, air source heat pumps utilise high efficiency hot water storage cylinders. Although they don't have to be, these are usually filled by the mains water pressure and provide unrivalled performance for power showers not to mention reducing bath filling times.

These cylinders are always sized to meet the property requirements and can be adjusted to suit your needs to ensure you are never left without hot water. This water is stored at around 55°C and automatically taken up to 60°C periodically. Water at 60°C is far too hot for bathing and needs to be mixed with cold water in the usual way a conventional boiler system does.

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