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As market leaders in the provision of renewable and sustainable carbon neutral heating systems Windhager UK provide single source, completely integrated solutions for modern low impact heating demands

Part of the natural cycle. While they are growing, trees take in carbon dioxide (CO2) from the air. When wood is burned, it releases back into the environment the same level of CO2 needed by the tree to grow, the same level of CO2 is released as would be emitted if the wood were to rot naturally. Heating with pellets therefore means being part of the natural cycle.
Hands on with boiler

Windhager UK offer a continual programme of training schedules in Austria and also in house at our base in Marshfield. Windhager have new products being developed all the time and it is essential for us to provide on-going training to our agents and installers to maintain the professional service and product knowledge that is essential to achieve outstanding results.

The training rig installed in the UK allows engineers to test and simulate different scenarios and see first hand installation procedures and different designs that are available. The fully working system allows us to show customers the benefits of the Windhager systems and also provides invaluable boiler commissioning and maintenance procedures for engineers.

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