Established in 2008, the Winch Energy group promotes and sponsors "New World" energy projects with particular focuses on renewable energy and energy efficiency. The Company has enjoyed major successes in European markets and 2012 has seen this exported to Africa and Latin America.

Through its PVCorp Division, Winch Energy group focuses on renewable power generation using both free-standing (PV) and built-in solar photovoltaic (BIPV) technology in roof-top applications. Its activities encompass the entire value-chain ranging from project origination, green field development and the acquisition of projects in development through to engineering, construction and operations management. The group is increasingly involved in "hybrid solar" projects where solar PV is combined with other renewable and conventional energy solutions.

The group's LEDCorp Division focuses on large-scale lighting projects where improvement of energy efficiency is key, both from the viewpoint of its contribution to lowering emissions and the commercial benefits of reduced power consumption. Its activities cover opportunity identification, assessment and design through to arranging funding, procurement and implementation. The group frequently looks to combines energy efficiency projects with energy generation projects it is working on.

Electric Capital is Winch Energy group's investment arm focusing on energy sector investments in all sectors, both renewable and conventional, together with energy efficiency. Electric Capital calls on services from within the Winch Energy group to appraise a wide range of opportunities in which it participates itself together with key relationship partners.

These different business focuses come together through integrated initiatives such as the group's Corporate Responsibility initiatives for Schools and the Alternative Energy Programme aimed at industrial groups.