Winch Energy believes current and next-generation solar power generation technologies will play a significant role, alongside technologies such as wind and bio-energy, in achieving a renewables-led solution to energy security and carbon emissions reduction.

In just a few years, solar power generation on a commercial scale has become possible and while today it is still dependent on subsidy and tariff support, in an equally short period of years we expect it to compete, head-on, with conventional generation technologies in good radiation environments and Winch Energy will be at the centre of this.

Today, Winch Energy is focusing its team’s unique blend of development, engineering and financing experience on those markets which combine regulatory and tariff support for solar energy with strong solar irradiation characteristics with a view to achieving the following principal objectives by 2013
• to develop a portfolio of 300 – 400 MW solar PV
• to focus on ground-mounted and rooftop PV projects in Europe and selected non-European countries
• to own 200 MW net equity interest
• to create an enterprise value of at least €500 million