Winch Energy is a developer and operator of solar power generating projects with a particular focus on Europe and emerging markets. The Company is focused on generation using both free-standing (PV) and built-in solar photovoltaic (BIPV) technology in roof-top applications together with complementary technologies. Its activities encompass the entire value-chain ranging from project origination, green field development and the acquisition of projects in development through to engineering, construction and operations management.

Winch Energy believes that solar power has emerged as one of the mainstream sources of renewable energy and that as manufacturing costs decrease and improvements in efficiency reach the market place, the cost of energy from this resource will compete with conventional power generation in many countries during the next few years. It is those players who prove themselves during the initial stages of this industry that will lead its development and with its existing track record and the extensive renewables heritage of its team, Winch Energy firmly expects to be one of the leaders.