Williams Hybrid Power Ltd (WHP) is a UK based company that develops and manufactures electromechanical composite flywheel systems. These systems provide a high-power, cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution for mobile or stationary energy recovery and storage.
WHP’s flywheel solutions incorporate its novel, patented Magnetically Loaded Composite (MLC) technology. The magnets in an MLC system are comprised of tiny particles embedded in the composite matrix. With no other metal in the flywheel rotor eddy current losses and heating are almost zero. This ultra-high efficiency means thermal management of the system greatly simplified and the flywheel can be continuously deep-cycled with no detriment to performance or reduction in life.
The company’s first application of the technology was in the highly competitive and extremely harsh environment of Formula One racing. Through development of a flywheel for Williams F1’s Kinetic Energy Recovery System, WHP has proved its world-class engineering capabilities in the composite flywheel field as well as radically improving aspects of the technology in the process.
Building on the Formula One project, the company is now making the technology available to meet the high-power energy storage needs in a variety of applications including hybrid passenger vehicles, hybrid buses, hybrid construction & mining vehicles, electric trains, trams, diesel-electric ships, military vehicles and intermittent renewable energy generation & distribution.