William Martin Energy is the efficiency, carbon and sustainability arm of successful city surveying firm William Martin & Partners LLP. WM Energy specialises in being the catalyst between efficiency technology suppliers, government agency funding and financial directors of organisations, who ultimately control the implementation of efficiency measures.
We believe that it’s necessary to demonstrate in very clear financial terms, the potential for efficiency projects to deliver significant savings at low or no cost, essentially missing the balance sheet altogether. We produce clear payback calculations detailing the projected savings from projects and the funding available. We’ll then manage the implementation of any works or strategies needed to achieve targets, ensuring that clients are supported from start to finish.
Where organisations are too small to have in-house resources for sustainability, efficiency or carbon management, it’s almost a given that no action will be taken to capitalise on the current raft of benefits available – putting these organisations at a considerable disadvantage to their larger competitors.
We would like to position ourselves as your organisations ‘efficiency, carbon and sustainability partner’, adding value to your services by bringing this missing expertise to your clients.
As an example, did you know that:-
Organisations of up to 250 staff or <£35m turnover are eligible for a £100,000 interest free loan to spend on energy efficient technologies, this can be structured so that the repayments can be 100% covered from the energy bill savings made.
By simply installing supplier independent Smart Meters at all sites -whatever the size, it relatively normal to make savings of 10% through measuring and targeting (M&T) at no or low-cost.
Using a voltage optimiser at each company site can make savings of 10-15% per annum?
By pooling together a broad spectrum of efficiency, carbon and sustainability knowledge WM Energy can assist your organisation to ‘future proof’ itself and its clients from the increasing amount of carbon regulation and increase their short term profits.