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Biomass Wood sawdust pellet mill is designed specially for the raw material which are hard to press and hard to shape.

Biomass Wood Sawdust Pellet Mill can press wood, wood chips, sawdust, straw, stalk, shell, rice husk, sunflower seed, peanut shell into good pellets with 1.1-1.4 g/cm3 density.

Biomass Wood Sawdust Pellet Mill is an ideal optiona for pellet making business, it can deal with most raw material, such as agro-waste, agriculture waste, fruit shell, rank grass and any other wood waste.

Biomass Wood Sawdust Pellet Mill have double layer die which lengthen the lifetime of the die a lot. It has advantages of flat die pellet mill and ring die pellet mill. They are the best choice for pellet mills for fuel pellets.
Seven Characteristics of the Biomass Wood Sawdust Pellet Mill:

1) Vertical feeding directly in place.

2) Die static, roller rotating, materials centrifugal, evenly distributed around.

3) Double layer dies, up and down dual use, reduce the cost,enhance the efficiency, can be dual use.

4) One die, different hole diameters, with different specifications to pelleti.

5) Macroporous die, wire joining circular tube, increasing travel, improving density.

6) Ring die, vertical structure, good for cooling the pelletizing room.

7) Independent and frequebct conversion discharge device, to ensure that the rate of pellet production.
Four differences

1) Upward mould, special structure, vertically feeding and easier heat disspassion.

2) Die static, roller rotating, material centrifugal and distribute around evenly.

3) Double layer die, multi function, high efficiency.

4) Macroporous die, wire joining circlar tube, increasing travel, improving density.

diameter of pellet(mm) Weight(T)
560 1-1.5 90 4-12 7
760 1.8-2.2 150
4-12 10 3100*1500*3200
860 2.5-3.5 220 4-12 15 3400*1800*3600
1050 5-6 350 4-12 22