Whitco Green Roofing provides roofing systems that reduce carbon footprint (greenhouse gases), and provide many other beneficial features. The company provides many energy efficient solutions to business owners, including, but not limited to:

life cycle reports
energy management
solar roof panels
reflective membrane and coatings - colors available tan and white
roof gardens
ballasted systems
cool roof systems
skylights - solar skylights

Whitco can reduce the energy consumption of companies by up 40%, depending on the location, type of building, and other criteria involved. They compare systems in a detailed report that gives an estimate of how much money, and energy could be saved by going green.

Whitco Green Roofing is a division of Whitco Roofing, Inc., which is a major commercial roofing company based out of Atlanta, GA. They specialize in managing properties, and manage over 200 key accounts throughout the Southeastern United States.