Westminster Forum Projects (WFP) operates a group of influential, impartial and cross-party forums: the Westminster Media Forum; the Westminster eForum; the Westminster Health Forum; the Westminster Food & Nutrition Forum; the Westminster Education Forum; the Westminster Energy, Environment and Transport Forum and the Westminster Legal Policy Forum.

All the Westminster Forum Projects forums enjoy substantial support and involvement from key stakeholders within Parliament, government, regulatory bodies, industry, consumer's organisations and other interested groups. The forums organise senior level seminars on public policy in these sectors. None of the forums has a policy agenda of its own, other than simply to raise the quality of debate on public policy developments and so create opportunities for informed discussion.

Accordingly each Westminster Forum Projects forum is structured to facilitate the formulation of 'best' public policy by providing policy makers and implementers, and those with an interest in the issues, with a sense of the way different stakeholder perspectives interrelate. Usually this is through impartially-framed, inclusive discussion conducted either in public or under the Chatham House Rule.

Forum events are frequently the platform for major policy statements from senior Ministers and regulators, opposition spokesmen and leading opinion formers in industry and interest groups. Events regularly receive prominent coverage in the national media and trade press.