Dear Sirs,

1) We offer our _*INDUSTRIAL PROJECT, *_ in Joint-Venture
option, to build up a

THIN - FILM Amorph Scilicium factory of Solar Modules

Within 12 months the factory can produce 7, 21, 42 or more
MegaWatts / Year of Photovoltaic modules,

We have already built several factories like, in several countries, even
now we are enlarging them, as adding new machienery lines to increase
their production.
(Our cllients-partners are in: Thailand, China,Hungary, USA, etc.)


a) We suply our Machienery of exclusive and registered technology at the
lowest cost of international market.

b) We can participate as partner in the business for 20 % - investing
our part in the needed Capital. (Joint-Venture Option)

Consult us for further details !

2) We sell the THIN - FILM Amorph Scilicium modules
produced by our clients, according to their disponibilities and at the best prices.