What is WattSure?
Measure and monitor LIVE how solar thermal, photovoltaic systems and wind turbines are performing along with many other energy sources including mains electricity. WattSure is an energy management service that provides real time data about the performance of energy systems in the home or in the wider commercial environment.

From offices to schools, warehouses to private homes, WattSure gives private individuals or companies a way to check on the amount of energy they are using, either through renewable energy, existing energy systems or, indeed, a combination of both. Knowing and understanding this information improves the likelihood of significant cost savings for the end user, simply through increased energy awareness.

Where customers are already using renewable energy systems, WattSure will help them understand how much energy their system is generating and how effective it is at different times of year and even different times of day. The Wattsure service works with solar thermal, photo voltaic systems and wind turbines.

WattSure also helps save money by identifying faults in existing systems, quickly and efficiently as they occur. Changes to system settings can even be made remotely, without the need for an engineer visit.