Watt-Knots Limited is a company specialising in renewable energy technologies and rainwater harvesting systems and advising on solutions that are appropriate to individual client and site requirements. However, the most logical and cost effective way of reducing energy costs and carbon emissions is to reduce the total amount of energy being consumed. So, we are able to provide a full range of additional management and procurement services to reduce usage and unit costs.

The Watt-Knots team brings many years experience in energy management and procurement consultancy, facilities and building services management, finance and business development - from both the private and public sectors. We therefore understand that the best environmentally “friendly” solutions also present a sound business case and it is on this principle that all our recommendations are made.

Some of the areas we can help with include:

Assessing Suitable Technologies, e.g.

Solar (PV and Thermal)
Combined Heat & Power
Ground Source (Heating and Cooling)
Rainwater Harvesting

Consultancy & Project Management

General Advice & Guidance
Complete, Detailed Feasibility Studies
Energy Surveys (inc EPCs)
Energy Benchmarking
Energy Policies & Strategies

The biggest problem facing any organisation is knowing just which solution is right for them or if indeed sustainable technologies are viable for their circumstances.

Watt-Knots is able to look at your organisation’s needs from a completely impartial view. We are not a supplier and it is not in our interests to recommend inappropriate solutions or unsuitable technologies. Legislative pressure is increasing, technologies continue to evolve and the volatility of energy prices and rising costs of energy and water present an ongoing challenge.

Our commitment to you is simple. We will always aim to find the best value solution for your needs: not just any solution at any cost.

Give us a call for a now obligation discussion about your requirements.