The clear fact is every business uses resources and creates waste.
Whether you work in a multi-national corporation, manufacturing on an enormous scale, or if you are in an office-based environment, using electricity and stationery… At some level you are contributing to CO2 emissions.

Fortunately most people feel an ethical obligation to deal with their resources, facilities and waste effectively, but regardless of the ethics, the Government also issues heavy penalties and even stealth taxes – a large financial motivator to best practice in facilities management!

Waste Efficiency is a full service facilities management company. Of course we can assist in your CO2 reduction, and we help guide you and advise you on your legal compliance – ensuring you don’t fall foul of those heavy penalties.
We can work within your organisation as “part” of your Facilities Management team, or we can take on the full burden of all your Facilities Management requirements. Keeping you within the law… cutting costs… cutting CO2... and improving performance.

NOTE: We also offer proven and certified zero-landfill-solutions.
Registered with the Environment Agency: BUS/723519/CB
Offering solutions to the private and public sector, throughout the UK.

Facilities management, waste management, zero-landfill solutions, building maintenance, cleaning, legal compliance. Consultancy in facilities management and waste. Resource and utilities negotiations and purchasing