Vortice has achieved market leadership by dedicating their efforts to producing an extensive range of commercial and domestic ventilation systems, which are both safe, reliable and attractively designed. Their eco friendly specification make Vortice's products ideal for the acheivement of 'carbon zero' homes.

Indoor Comfort
One of man’s basic needs is to live in a comfortable healthy environment. Our physical well-being largely depends on the quality of indoor heating, cooling and relative humidity.

For this reason the air we breathe every day must be kept as pure and pollution free as possible.

For 50 years,Vortice has continued to provide effective solutions for improved air quality, using the latest technology to develop and manufacture effective products world wide.

Vortice was one of the first companies to have its product quality certified by the "IMQ", the Italian Mark of Quality Institute, an independent committee which is acknowledged by all quality control organisations world wide.

Vortice applies all necessary testing procedures, to insure maximum consumer safety. Furthermore, as a guarantee for its customers, the performance of each Vortice product designed for domestic and commercial ventilation is independently verified through the Information Label, which is issued by IMQ.