More than one and a half million Vokèra boilers and heating products now bring warmth and comfort to customers across the UK & Ireland.

Vokèra is an industry leader in quality home heating solutions, offering a comprehensive product range for domestic home heating and light commercial applications.

Vokèra’s heating products include; high efficiency condensing combi boilers, system boilers, open vent boilers and water heaters and cylinders. Renewable technology products also complement the range of boilers and water cylinders and include Solar thermal, heat pumps and biomass boilers.

Vokèra products have quality built in as standard and have been designed for ease of installation and commissioning, ease of operation and a lifetime reliability.

Our policy of continuous innovation and technological advancement means that our boilers and renewable products are among those leading the market in increased energy efficiency. Vokèra is ISO 9001 approved, supports the ‘benchmark’ initiative, are members of the Heating and Hot Water Industry Council, the Society of British Gas Industries and the Gas Safe RegisterTM.

Renewable energy technology has significantly progressed in recent years, making renewable energy products more financially accessible. There is a wide range of renewable energy products now available including: Solar Heating, Air Source Heating, Ground Source Heating, Biomass Heating, Combined heating and power.

Vokèra offers Solar thermal solutions to provide Solar heating for the home. Advancements in Solar heating technology has meant that Solar collectors can now collect energy from the sun even on cloudy days, as they work using daylight as well as sunlight to provide Solar heating.

There are different types of Solar heating collectors to suit different applications, Vokèra offer the full range of collector types, On Tile, Inset and Evacuated Tube collectors.

Vokèra’s range of air source heat pumps is called Aria, these are available in different outputs to suit different heating requirements. Vokèra offers pre-sales advice on the Aria and can arrange a no obligation quotation.

Biomass heating is a process where organic matter undergoes combustion to release heat into the atmosphere.

Biomass heating appliances can be seen as a direct replacement to the conventional boiler, but the most economically viable installations are in non-mains-gas areas. Biomass heating appliances that replace oil appliances can reap significant savings, especially as the supply in wood pellets rises the prices of pellets will continue to fall.

Vokèra’s biomass boiler - Neutro is available in 14kW output.