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VO4HOME savings study at Harmony Hair Salon, Cyprus

As one of Cyprus's leading hair and beauty salons, Harmony Salon was keen to reduce their impact on the environment by reducing their carbon emissions. As a direct client facing business which relies heavily on electrical equipment, it was not possible for the salon to change their energy using behaviour. VO4HOME therefore became the ideal solution as it effectively reduces CO2 emissions without the need of users changing their regular energy using exercises.

The client
Harmony hair and beauty salon lies in the heart of Cyprus and is a regular hotspot for both locals and tourists alike. The salon boasts a wide range of hair and beauty treatments, hence requiring a fair amount of specialist equipment. The salon tries its utmost to ensure that visitors' salon experience is both relaxing and enjoyable, reinforced through their specialist entertainment system of numerous tv sets and sound systems.

The challenge
Unlike VO4HOME's other target market of households, small businesses such as Harmony are in no way capable in jeopardising the normal running of their business. The salon for example can not turn lights off when no customers are present in the premises (as it would look bad for business), nor can they cut back on their regular electricity using practices, due to their daily work routines such as catering hot beverages for customers, and using electric based hair and beauty equipment. VO4HOME were therefore challenged as to how their voltage optimisation unit would reduce electricity consumption in an efficient, hassle free but reliable manner.

The solution
VO4HOME works by optimising the incoming voltage to a property to a constant 220V giving users immediate and significant energy savings. So confident VO4HOME are that their unit will offer at least 10% savings, they even offer a £100 refund in the rare circumstance that this is not achieved.

The installation of VO4HOME is a quick and simple process, no rewiring is required and it works with your current electricity provider. This was particularly important for the salon as they did not want the installation to coincide (or interrupt) the normal operations within the salon.

As an added bonus, the salons customers would be completely unaware of the unit, as it is located in a discreet location (between the consumer unit and fuse box) and it in no way alters the normal running of equipment. It would only be the salon employees who notice a distinct difference in terms of the prolonged lifespan of equipment, reduced carbon emissions and lower electricity bills.

The results
Harmony hair and beauty salon had an incoming voltage of 238 to 240V before the installation of VO4HOME. The installation took place on 10th November 2011 and based on the electricity bills and on the data recorded (one week VO4HOME online and one week VO4HOME offline) there is showing to be a 13% energy saving. Further more, the salon have commented that their equipment seems to be a great deal more efficient.

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