Voltage optimisation has been around for longer than you might think.
It has been utilised as an energy saving technique in commercial buildings for years. Now available for the home, voltage optimisation not only reduces electricity consumption - saving energy, money and reducing the carbon footprint - it also brings the voltage more in line with the operational requirements of equipment within the building, which in turn prolongs the overall life expectancy of equipment.

The small device can be simply installed on to your existing electricity unit.

The VO4HOME system optimises the whole home which leads to bigger savings than optimisers that work on selected circuits. The system is easily installed with a simple 2 wires in and 2 wires out installation that does not require you having to change your consumer unit to use VO4HOME.

With no moving parts the system requires no maintenance, so can simply be fitted and left to save you money.
VO4HOME will save on average between £90-£150 per year on electricity bills by reducing consumption.

We will even arrange for a qualified electrician to install the unit correctly and safely in your home.

Installation couldn't be easier.