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Viridis Energie Consultants

11 Dec 2010 11:12:54

Save 10% on your electricity bills!!

With the recent announcements from some energy suppliers to increase electricity prices by around 7%, and the trend set to continue for many years, there's no better time to look at how to reduce your bill?

Voltage optimisation, is not something that everyone has heard of? However, it has been around for many years. But, until now has been only available to the commercial market, with the likes of Sainsbury and Tesco being some of the biggest names who use them.

What is voltage optimisation??

In the UK voltage is typically around 245V. Household appliances must be designed to operate satisfactorily within the European statutory range. Many of the appliances we use regularly will use less energy at lower voltages. VPhase has developed a new innovative and unique smart technology that enables voltage optimisation to be cost effectively introduced into the home. The VPhase unit reduces and stabilises the voltage at the property to a level within statutory limits but below the voltage that is usually supplied by power companies, in the UK the VPhase output is typically 220V. Viridis Energie Consultants have partnered with VPhase to offer this product to the domestic market.

With proven savings, averaging 10% on your electricity bill, a "payback" of around 3-4 years, a warranty of 5 years, and an expected lifespan of 25 years, it is an extremely cost effective and proven technology. In most instances it can be fully installed for less than £400. So, why not follow the likes of Tesco and Sainsbury, and have one fitted to your home?

For further details, please contact Viridis by sending an enquiry.

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