VeryPC is an international and mulit award winning IT firm established in 2004. It has grown to become the UK's leading Green IT manufacturer.

VeryPC provide a wide range of Green IT hardware as a direct replacement for the equipment you already use or were going to buy anyway. Its economically sound, with systems running desktops with access to multicore power from just 6W of electricity!
We don't believe in thin clients where the problem is just shunted off to a data room (where the heat is a burden on A/C systems). We offer real world green solutions that mean you don't need to change the way you work.

What makes VeryPC products Green?

Ecology - The machines are designed to be smaller to reduce input carbon, materials and waste. Consideration is taken with regards to hazardous substances. The design and choice of materials is focused on recyclability and second life value and usefulness.

Economy - Our computers use half of the electricity or less of even the most energy efficient big brand alternatives.

Performance - Performing like the equipment you would have purchased anyway, running software like Windows Vista and offering your computer a realistic 5 year lifetime.

Additional to our multi award winning equipment we provide flexible, rolling support contracts. Our customers stick with us due to our quality of service rather than being tied down by long-term contracts.

We believe every individual and organisation is unique. We therefore provide tailor made hardware solutions, specifically designed for your needs.

With over four years experience in energy efficient PCs, servers and complete IT infrastructures, we are working hard to reduce both our carbon footprint and our customers.

GreenPC, GreenServer, GreenHive - equipment that pays for itself.

Our Awards:
PC Pro Environmental Innovator
UK CEED Environmental Innovator
Kyocera Green Light Award
3x PC Pro Recommended Product Awards
2x Computer Buyer Awards