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Verisae Inc.

Verisae's service manager

Reasons to consider Verisae's service manager product
Verisae's service manager helps you deal with the all important issues of maintenance across an often complex and distributed organizational playing field. Typically, this requires interaction with a variety of different service providers and without an adequate system in place, confusion can arise and resources can be wasted.

Verisae's service manager handles vendor interaction across multiple locations and equipment types, eliminates manual processing, ensures accurate billing and maintains tighter control of budgets.

It's important to realize an optimum return on investment for every single asset. As such, it is vitally important that maintenance issues are contained and provider bills are kept within budget, or this situation can quickly get out of control.

1. It can be difficult to ascertain that service contracts are being adhered to, warranties are being pursued and accurate bills are being submitted.
2. It's important to eliminate the tedious process of manual work order generation and routing and the equally tedious process of reconciliation and bill processing.
3. When service providers can gain direct access to a system via a simple browser to enter information on an organization's behalf, an entire layer of internal staff activity can be eliminated, improving efficiency and workflow.

Service manager offerings
Facility managers have to ensure that they maintain acceptable working environments and keep up with maintenance of their equipment, all in a cost-effective manner. A proactive approach to the management of service providers helps you:

• Eliminate manual processes and time consuming workflow
• Leverage warranty coverage whenever applicable
• Ensure that service providers accurately track their time and follow up with the right billing

As a business becomes more complex, company resources can be squandered due to growing confusion and procedural inaccuracies. Without a product such as service manager, an organization can never be sure that it is receiving the undivided attention of its service providers or keeping its related administrative overhead in check. A mountain of paperwork can also help to hide billing inaccuracies and wasted opportunities.

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