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Verisae Inc.

Verisae's enterprise reporting

Going beyond tabular data to actionable reporting

Verisae's enterprise reporting drives business value and provides actionable information. Not just static reports with tabular data, our reporting goes beyond to illustrate the context, correlation, and correct actions to take for positive change. While responsibility for managing corrective actions are still driven by humans, intelligent reporting systems can focus on conditions warranting action.

When it comes to business operations, every activity that deviates from the norm has an implication. Action is based on intelligent interpretation and prediction where data is the driving factor in decisions.

The key is having a system that can identify the deviation and provide visibility into the potential impacts. To extract real knowledge from data, organizations must employ a system that analyzes information and provides actionable results.

Organizations must have a good understanding of their operations, benchmarks, and optimal performance metrics. Then the system can identify situations when data is irregular from the norm and begin the appropriate course of action. Any deviation or flaggable condition represents a threat or a risk.

Some risks may be relatively insignificant, but others may have elevated or unforeseen consequences elsewhere. The level of risk attributed to various deviations can differ depending on the position within an organization. Thus, executive level configuration is a vital component of a system's functionality.

Reporting for reporting's sake drives "busy work" not business value
Historically, organizations manage by delegation. This means issues or events occur and are dealt with in order of their perceived importance without specific context or correlation. It is natural to treat an issue as a single occurrence of which the actual impact is never realized as it gets buried in a non-actionable report.

This management process often blocks visibility and causes further lack of clarity within organizations. The reporting for reporting sake does wonders for personal activity reporting and checking items off to-do lists. But does it really drive business change? The micromanagement perspective on these processes has negative connotations. Delegation is essential but executive need true visibility and control if the organization is to be successful.

Verisae's enterprise reporting offerings analyze organizational data, sets benchmarks, and tie context with current performance indicators to provide a truly dynamic picture of enterprise efficiency. We offer reporting technologies and systems that allow organizations to interpret data like they never could before. It can pre-configure relevant information by scenarios so warning notices are sent to appropriate personnel promptly when events are triggered.

These solutions provide a level of enterprise reporting that is focused, relevant, intuitive – and actionable.

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