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Verisae Inc.

Rebate and incentive management product

Utility companies offer financial incentives to customers in their service territories who implement energy efficiency measures. The programs are funded through their rate-base, which means that all customers pay into the program via a public purpose charge or energy efficiency rider fee. Those that implement energy efficiency measures can recoup these incentives to help fund capital improvement projects.

According to the Consortium for Energy Efficiency, United States utilities spent 43 percent more on energy-efficiency programs in 2009 than previous years, which resulted in over $5.3 billion in utility energy efficiency incentive programs. Verisae's rebate and incentive manager is a software tool that helps end-use customers identify and obtain these financial incentives to fund their capital projects.

Verisae's rebate and incentive manager provides a software solution that automates the utility rebate process and helps customers find rebates that match capital improvement projects.

Organizations face several barriers to managing their own rebates:
• They encounter strict and varying utility program requirements.
• There are no standardized rebate programs for U.S. utility companies.
• It is hard to track program deadlines.
• They do not have internal tools to help quickly identify rebates and track their process.
• Difficult and time consuming to find proper contacts at each utility company

Verisae's rebate and incentive manager enables helps by:
• Quickly determining what rebates are available
• Managing the entire process including store inspections
• Collecting supporting documentation
• Ensuring the process is followed-through to completion/payment
• Prioritizing capital projects based on rebate availability
• Maintaining a library of utility rebate incentives that promote energy efficiency
• Tracking the various steps of applying for and receiving the rebate dollars
• Performing queries on assets to identify replacement opportunities that match-up with rebate opportunities
• Linking equipment attributes to potential rebate opportunities

Experience the benefits
• The store planning and development teams can incorporate rebates in the decision making process when comparing standard vs. green technology
• The procurement department would understand the financial implications that rebate incentives have on overall capital expenses

Verisae delivers quantifiable value
Approximately 20% of the energy efficiency equipment cost can be refunded through rebate programs.

Energy efficiency capital projects will reduce energy consumption and costs throughout the equipment lifecycle.

By consuming less energy overall, organizations will reduce their corporate carbon emissions and their associated carbon footprint.

Fresh & Easy hired Verisae to identify and process their rebates. To date, Verisae has investigated and processed rebates for the company in California, Nevada and Arizona. To cash-in on the rebate value, the Verisae rebate and incentive manager worked with twelve different utility companies, and the rebate finance benefited 86 store locations. In total, Verisae obtained over $830,000 in rebate checks for Fresh & Easy.

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