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Verisae Inc.

Equipment monitoring + alarming product

Key reasons organizations use our equipment monitoring and alarming product
Every organization relies on the efficient operation of their assets in order to maintain maximum productivity and performance. While ultimate success may often depend slightly on some unknown factors, asset performance should not be one of them.

Each asset must therefore be monitored to ensure that it is performing according to specification and expectations. Whenever the standards are compromised, appropriate measures must be immediately triggered in order to rectify the problem.

Verisae's asset monitoring and alarming product delivers asset inventory visibility, maximizes ROI, contains maintenance costs, and safeguards productivity.

Organizations face barriers to the management of their assets:
• They are unaware of asset or equipment underperformance.
• If underperforming assets are not identified, they continue to consume a higher amount of energy, which in turns costs the organization more.
• When an asset fails unexpectedly, organizations are forced to spend money on premium call-out rates cited by external service providers.

Verisae's asset monitoring and alarming product helps by:
• Monitoring asset performance in real-time
• Triggering an alarm whenever an asset performs beneath predetermined configurations
• Sending an automatic alarm to summon external service providers when predetermined criteria are met
• Enabling proactive maintenance management
• Providing a history of maintenance issues associated with each asset
• Using software to manage maintenance operations, which reduces administrative time, paperwork and confusion

Experience the benefits
• Maintenance team members can proactively manage asset maintenance instead of simply reacting when problems occur. They can utilize their time more effectively as the product will automatically summon external service providers when needed. This will also reduce the expensive premium call-out fees that occur when equipment fails.
• Management team members can access the performance track record for each asset and the additional information necessary to help them with the process of asset replacement and capital expenditure planning.
• Accounting team members have access to efficiency reports for each asset, which details energy efficiency and associated emissions for use in report generation.

Verisae delivers quantifiable value
In studies conducted by top research company Accenture, a proactive approach to asset maintenance undertaken by a midsized organization revealed significant financial benefits. Maintenance costs were ultimately reduced by 30% and productivity was improved by 5%. Not to be underestimated, the proactive approach to productivity and performance made a measurable impact on morale and overall effectiveness within the organization.

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