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Verisae Inc.

15 Feb 2011 09:02:15

Intelligent energy management

Despite the obvious threats and drawbacks, there exists to this day a deep chasm between the utility provider and the commercial organization on the other. We're all in this together, fighting a battle to make sure that we have the energy supply that we need, while avoiding systemic failure and trying to balance the associated costs.

The utility providers and the consumers are not playing from the same sheet. In fact, they aren't even talking to each other. Each party is aware that there are two sides to the argument and that the integrity of these systems needs to be protected while budgets are balanced and profits are made. However, while current demand response programs go a little way to bridging the communication gap, they are far from the truly intelligent energy management systems that we must adopt very soon.

Currently, demand response is still mostly a one-way method of communication. It's reactive rather than proactive, and there is no way for the consumer to attach any truly intelligent decision-making process to this kind of program. We need to move toward automation if we are to understand what intelligent energy management could be. We already have numerous automatic systems to help us manage building energy demands, but the systems are not integrated to enable real savings.

Utility companies cannot hope to manage their businesses efficiently unless they truly communicate and interact with their customers. Production and distribution are one half of the equation and consumption the other. Consumers should dictate their supply requirements. With intelligent energy management solutions in place across the board, utility companies will be much better at managing their own business.

A real-time analysis of energy needs, based on historical benchmarks, a high level of education and a good grasp of internal business systems will all combine to enable a level of intelligent energy management never seen before.

When the smart grid does arrive, and demand response matures and comes of age, all parties will be able to respond very rapidly to changing conditions as they arise. No longer will weather conditions pose a threat. No longer will we need to rely on costly "peak" power stations across the country to come to our rescue when the chips are down.

When we are in possession of accurate, granular, real-time data there is scarcely a limit to the intelligent energy management capacity. Using predictive analysis we can plan for any number of different productivity and financial scenarios.

There is little doubt that the energy demand today does not reflect actual needs. There is an enormous amount of wastage occurring as a result of the lack of communication between utility providers and consumers. The days of intelligent energy management cannot come quickly enough.

Verisae helps measure, manage and reduce equipment and energy costs including the related business and environmental impacts of carbon emissions. The Sustainability Resource Planning ("SRP") software platform improves operational efficiency, protects brand integrity and helps ensure regulatory compliance for distributed enterprises across many industries. Verisae delivers a broad range of sustainability solutions to dozens of clients globally with thousands of daily users including an extended network of third-party suppliers. Verisae's integrated sustainability platform actively tracks millions of assets across thousands of sites worldwide.

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