) Your place for "Continuing Education": electrical power systems (overhead & underground distribution systems, protection & control, circuit breakers & switchgear assemblies, motor controllers and motor control centers, distribution switchboards and control panels, automating power systems analysis, power quality, renewable energy resources, computer-related tools for the power distribution system). Our trainig products are different. They are designed & prepared specifically to the practicing individuals in the "electrical power distribution field", manufacturers, users (of electrical energy), contractors & electrical power distributers (utilities). The contents of the courses are unique. A broad range of topics are covered in each of the courses, the primary ones in depth , the secondary & relevant ones in sufficient details:
1-1) The Continuing Education Program/Le programme de la formation continue (bilingual/bilingue).
1-2) Por el programa "Los sistemas de distribución eléctrica y el análisis de los sistemas eléctricos, 80 horas" clic aquí.
1-3) Electrical Power Engineering for the Executive.
1-4) Certificate programs.
1-5) Custom tailored training programs.
1-6) Distance learning program. For the student's guide for each of the available distant courses, click here.
1-7) Training services representatives required (around the globe).
Free on-line courses in Electrical Power Distribution Systems
For technical articles in the electrical power field click here.
Articles techniques en français
II) Your place for "PC Training": software, programming & hardware.The PC training program (Rev. 3).
Free computer applications and languages courses
III) Your consultant for "Electrical Power Systems, personal computer applications and microcomputers programming": engineering services, calculations, analysis, design, application, engineering/economical evaluation, sizing & inspecting.
3-1) Engineering services in the Electrical Power Systems field.
3-2) Services in the PC field.
3-3) Technical services representatives required (worldwide).
For qualifications, click here
IV) Your store for "Modern Languages", the "Kheir method" for learning a new language (using any of the following tools: personal computer programs, add-on to off-the-shelf software packages and books): arabic, english, french, spanish, portuguese, & italian.
A partial on-line 4-language technical dictionary
A partial on-line 4-language dictionary
Spanish language course
تعليم الأسبانيه والايطاليه من العربيه