Since 1936 when Joe Akester invented the world's first electronically operated window fan, Vent-Axia has remained committed to innovation and excellence. Today, with an integrated distribution network and the largest customer support staff within the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HEVAC) industry, Vent-Axia continues to lead the way in improving the indoor environment.

"At Vent-Axia we pride ourselves on a long tradition of innovation which is as alive today as it has ever been, with many significant new products and technologies added to our portfolio in the last few years. In addition, you may not be surprised to discover therefore our recent expansion into other market sectors, such as heating, air conditioning and clean air systems.

Driving this innovation is the desire to create better and healthier indoor environments. Our goal is to improve personal comfort by giving people the ability to control the flow of fresh air and its temperature, humidity and cleanliness. Commercial customers rely on the power and performance of our systems, whilst home owners appreciate the convenience of Vent-Axia’s advanced close control systems and unobtrusive designs. Our products help protect property against the damaging effects of condensation, and we are recognised for our ability to save energy ahead of building regulation requirements.

Highly focused on providing complete solutions, each year Vent-Axia supplies equipment for over half a million installations in domestic, commercial and industrial sectors, in the UK and worldwide.

Recognised as a highly influential industry leader, we remain committed to excellence and defining the standards of the future. Vent-Axia is at your service now and in the years to come."
Kevin Sargeant, CEO