Utility Partnership Ltd. (UPL) is the UK's only full service utility infrastructure and energy
management solutions provider. Operating throughout the UK, we have more than 14 years’ experience in delivering comprehensive, practical and cost-effective utility solutions to a wide range of sectors. As a wholly independent organisation, we are able to offer impartial advice and dedicated management services without allegiance to any external party. Thanks to our profound industry knowledge, understanding and expertise, we consistently deliver a first class service on time and in budget.

Utility Infrastructure
UPL offer a range of multi-utility infrastructure engineering, wayleave and project management services that focus on the design, value engineering and delivery of utility infrastructure, to add value and provide cost savings to our customers through application of our specialist expertise. Our primary aim is to provide savings to our clients many times greater than our costs in addition to improving certainty and speed of delivery. With highly developed web enabled systems and an engrained project management ethos this section has managed the delivery of over 20,000 connections and utility infrastructure schemes within the UK.

Metering & Data
UPL are the leading independent provider of smart metering AMR – Automated Meter Read - solutions in the UK providing ‘Real time’ information showing actual energy consumption. This precise data details the exact amount of energy used to enable measurement and forecasting of costs and reduction of carbon footprint.

UPL also offer a complete, fully accredited data management service. This comprehensive facility includes data retrieval, data validation, data collection and aggregation, and submission to settlements, effectively guaranteeing total accuracy of final utility bills. UPL are one of just a handful of companies fully qualified by ELEXON as a data collector and aggregator.

Energy Management

UPL recognise that in addition to designing and managing all aspects of utility connections and metering, significant savings are available to businesses by careful management of their energy use. UPL provide a range of Energy and Environmental Services to help organisations reduce their energy use and spend. Our energy services include Procurement, Bill validation, Estate Utility Management and Energy Management.