Uptown Oil collects used vegetable oil from London’s restaurants and catering establishments and processes it on site in Southwark into 100% recycled biodiesel.

Uptown Oil is Central London’s ONLY licensed biodiesel manufacturer – making London’s air cleaner and taking positive action to reach the city’s carbon reduction targets, without taking land away from food crops or destroying rainforests.

Each litre of biodiesel used saves over 1kg of CO2, compared to mineral diesel
Uptown Oil’s 100% recycled biodiesel is suitable for use in diesel vehicles – no conversion is needed! This locally sourced, produced and used biofuel brings food and fuel consumption full circle.

Biofuel generated in this way has a much lower environmental impact than fossil fuels. Life cycle analysis shows that our biodiesel, made from waste vegetable oil (WVO) is undoubtedly better than diesel, saving at least 80% CO2 compared to diesel.
The exhaust emissions of carbon monoxide and particulate matter from biodiesel are 45% lower when compared to that of DERV.