Utility Partnership Limited (UPL) is one of the industry’s most innovative companies. Over the last 14 years we have developed and delivered utility and energy services to energy industry and corporate clients saving millions of pounds in costs as well as valuable time.

A key market for our services are challenging site portfolios where UPL have delivered many thousands of power connections for new sites ranging from utilities, telecoms and retail. Six years ago, when it was identified that the weak link in the ‘power-on’ chain was the host meter operator services, UPL developed its’ own metering service driven by customer requirements. Since then, UPL have successfully installed some 25,000 advanced meters.

With the development of cost-effective half-hourly (HH) profile metering, UPL led the way by playing a significant role in the Carbon Trust Smart Metering Pilot Study. A natural development was to combine our knowledge of power connection installations, meter installation and smart metering in a reliable service offering to large multi-site clients. This has proved highly successful with projects being completed for T-Mobile, O2 and Airwave Solutions and in progress for Opus Energy, Haven Power, Vodafone, MBNL, Peacocks and Arqiva.