The Birmingham Fuel Cells Group (FCG) is part of the School of Chemical Engineering
within the College of Engineering & Physical Sciences at The University of Birmingham
( It was formed in early 2000 by the director, Professor Kevin
Kendall. The FCG is nationally and internationally recognised for its dynamism and expertise
in Fuel Cell Technologies. It is also part of the £6.5million Advantage West Midlands (AWM)
Science City initiative, £1billion ETI Midlands Consortium and has recently been awarded
£5million (EPSRC) for the creation and running of a Doctoral Training Centre (DTC) in
Hydrogen, Fuel Cells and their Applications, the first of its kind in the UK. The group is
focusing on two main fuel cell activities, each headed by Dr Waldemar Bujalski (Head of
Solid Oxide Fuel Cell) and Dr Bruno G. Pollet (Head of Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel
Cell). The FCG focuses on Research and Development, applications and demonstrations of
Hydrogen and Fuel Cell systems; and has numerous publications & patents in Fuel Cell
Technologies. The group has also state-of-the art facilities and is home to a hydrogen
refuelling station (launched 17/04/08), a hydrogen powered house (launched 10/10/08), a
hydrogen fuel cell Combined Heat and Power (CHP) and five hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.
The FCG also focuses on the implementation of a Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Supply Chain in
the West Midlands and the UK ( – for further information,
please email with currently 60 SMEs developing and manufacturing
HFC components.