United Market Insight provides cutting edge development and networking platforms to accelerate individual and corporate performance for today’s international business leaders.

Leading the market in knowledge based conferences, trainings, workshops and events. UMI events delivers quality and innovation to global corporations for gaining the competitive advantage and empowering organizations for success.

UMI events are led by renowned industry experts with primary focus on comprehensive research and up-to-date information based on demands of large scale companies. Our commitment to quality, service and expertise will ensure that real value is added to your business.
Business Conferences United Market Insight’s Conferences bring together the highest level of speakers and delegates from the Financial, Pharmaceutical, Energy and IT sectors. Our programs are content led and industry designed in order to deliver the highest quality experience for our attendees. Lead by in-depth market research, we strive to solve your latest challenges by providing experienced speakers and solution providers from current pioneering companies.

Our events will allow you to increase your industry network, develop new relationships, benchmark your industry’s best practices, and discover the most up to date technology and solutions to address your needs.

At UMI’s conferences we strive to deliver innovative events that contribute to your business and future success in today’s competitive global economy. You can find some of our past sponsors here.

Professional Trainings United Market Insight’s Professional Trainings are short, focused courses delivered by top industry leaders. Courses range from one to four days, with content-rich and practical programmes, in small groups of professionals in order to increase interaction among all participants. You can find our companies we’ve trained here.

Designed to increase your skill-set and to empower you with practical knowledge you can take back to your organisationat UMI’s Professional Trainings we aim to be your provider of choice to keep you updated through your professional career.

In-house Trainings Our In-House Professional Trainings offer a unique opportunity to tailor our public courses or develop unique bespoke programs to address you particular industry’s challenges and business objectives. We have designed In-house trainings for groups of 10 to 100 employees internationally and all of our trainings are delivered with confidentiality in mind.